"Doing the greatest good for the greatest number"


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CERT Training

Class members receive more than 21 hours of initial training. CERT training is free and available to all residents of Columbiana County. Classes are held at the EMA office at 215 south market street, Lisbon Ohio 44432. CERT members are trained in basic disaster response skills such as stop the bleed, fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations. You will learn how to prepare for emergencies, what supplies you should NOW have in your house, how much food, how much water, but most importantly, how to protect your family in an emergency.

 It is important to know, if a major disaster occurs, the fire department, paramedics, police...MAY NOT COME! They may be deployed FIRST to major incidents such as collapsed buildings. That is why you constantly hear… You MUST be prepared to take care of yourself. In the CERT course they say…

“The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People”

When you are trained, you are far better equipped to deal with your circumstances without needing aid from outside sources.

Take CERT Training for:


Your Family

Your Workplace

Your Neighborhood

CERT classes are FREE!

CERT Course Class Topics: Personal & Family Preparedness, Stop The Bleed, Disaster Preparedness, Team Organization, Disaster Psychology, Medical Operations, Medical Triage, Damage Assessment, Fire Suppression, Fire Chemistry, Hazardous Materials, Utility Control, Light Search & Rescue, Full Disaster Simulation.

If a major storm hits, do you ...


  • Have enough supplies for a minimum of 72 hours up to an entire month for all family members, including pets?
  • Know how to turn off the gas?
  • Know how to safely turn off the power?
  • Know how to apply first aid?
  • Have enough water for all of your family and your pets?
  • Have provisions for living outside your home for a length of time if the structure is compromised?


Emergency training is beneficial for everyone. You are welcome to attend classes with no obligation to join the team. If you do decide to join Columbiana County CERT, you will be part of a team that:

  • Has monthly training
  • Is ready to help themselves, their neighbors and their town in the event of a large-scale emergency.

Learn more about CERT Basic Training


 " Columbiana County CERT is a wonderful group of highly qualified first-responders. I would be comfortable responding to an incident with any one of them on my team."


 Debra Moore, team member since 2015